About Golden Seal

Explore the business opportunities with Golden Seal and seal the deals in the world

Founded in 1989, Golden Seal International Trade Fair Service Agency Corp. is a professional agency representing world-famous trade shows. We have led numerous Taiwanese enterprises to cultivate overseas markets. With 30 years of experience, expertise and accurate analysis of the market, Golden Seal has been contracted as the agency of major large-scaled trade shows, especially in the household goods and gift goods field. Every year we represent more than 30 trade shows and organize more than 1300 stands in the world. Our most renowned case is that we brought more than 600 Taiwanese companies to participate in the “Mega Show” that takes place every October.

Through long-term cultivation and exploration in the global trade shows, we are able to keep track of the business opportunities in the global market. We can provide the precise information that our customers need and lead enterprises to explore the world.

Expand to various fields and create new business opportunities

In the face of the fast-changing global market, we will not only continue leading the markets of gifts and household items, but also expand to different fields, including Pet Products, Cultural and Creative, Building Materials, and Hospitality. We never stopped finding new business opportunities, in the hope of connecting the Taiwanese companies from different industries to the world market. Golden Seal has always been standing in the front of the trend and has been working hard along with everyone. Our philosophy is to keep challenging ourselves to the fast-changing world, searching the latest business information and providing the most accurate analysis to our clients. We aim to create the perfect platform for those ambitious Taiwanese companies to shine in the world.

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